Science, Math & Engineering Clubs

Mind Boggle is proud to work with various schools and community organizations to provide fun-filled and hands-on math, science, and engineering experiences for students in Kindergarten through 12th grades! So far we have worked with East Grand Rapids Parks and Recreation Department, Forest Hills Public Schools, Rockford Public Schools, Grandville Public Schools, Grand Rapids Public Schools LOOP Program, Kentwood Public Schools ARCH Program, The Gatherings of Hope initiative, and Grand Rapids University Prep Academy.

Our goal is to provide engaging and meaningful, science, math, and engineering experiences to a wide range of students, academically and socio-economically. We provide after school programs, summer camps, presentations, teacher training, and consulting services. If you know of a school or organization that may be interested in Mind Boggle’s programs, please contact us.

Mind Boggling Programs

Mind Boggle offers a variety of programs, specifically designed for different grade levels (K-12) in various formats (after school, summer camps, presentations). A sample of the programs offered are presented below. However, if you have a theme or experiment in mind, we’d be happy to customize a program to fit your needs.

Cool Chemistry Concoctions

Begin to discover the wonderful world of chemistry by identifying acids and bases using cabbage! Making slime is a wonderful way to learn about polymers. Then investigate molecular properties like cohesion and surface tension by making bubbles!

Fun-omenal Physics

Students learn about basic physics concepts and machines. Working in teams, students use the engineering design process and their own ingenuity on projects like a Ping Pong Ball Catapult or a model skyscraper made out of newspaper!

Crime Scene Investigation

The popularity of criminal investigation television shows is a great segue to forensic science investigations. Using chromatography students identify criminals based on ink evidence. Students also learn about DNA when they extract it from spinach!

Magnificent Magnets

Ever wonder why a compass needle always points north? Find out the answer at this cool camp! Math and a compass will guide you through an exciting scavenger hunt. Explore the physics of magnetic and electromagnetic force through a series of super fun activities.

Light & Color Spectacle

Mirrors, prisms and flashlights are used to bend, bounce, and transform rays of light. Students also learn about vision and optics with the use of concave and convex lenses. There’s so much more than meets the eye in this brilliant camp!

Conservation Science

Going Green is quite trendy these days, but the next generation must learn that knowledge is power when it comes to protecting the environment. Using science, students learn about the ecosystem, water quality, pollution, and alternate energy. Each session includes activities that keep students engaged, like creating an aquifer in a cup and making windmills!

Food Science Fun

Learn about the chemical composition of your favorite healthy meals and snacks! In this program, students get to extract the iron out of breakfast cereal and grape juice. Students also test some not-so healthy snacks for sugar (glucose) and fat (lipid) content. Making scientifically informed nutrition choices is the name of the game with these activities!